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Kevin Cecchine

Kevin Cecchine was born and raised in Delaware County Pennsylvania. Kevin Cecchine is on a mission to bring reason, empiricism, tradition, faith, and morality to the world through a network of his creation. He is on a mission to destroy the satanic globalist Trotskyites that are attempting to subvert our traditions, and homogenize the world into a collection of superficially differentiated, degenerate, godless, androgynous, high time preference, immoral, consumerist slaves. Kevin's philosophical views esoterically derive from Rothbardian/Hoppean libertarianism, but he is more pragmatically/effectively a market-oriented right-wing/authoritarian in a contemporary political setting. Kevin believes that so long as a state exists, it ought to be done correctly, conform to our preferences, preserve our culture and moral framework, and emulate the hierarchical effects of markets.

Articles By Kevin:

  • Why I’m Effectively a Nationalist (A New Vision for America’s Right-Wing)

  • The True Meaning Embedded in The Haunting of Hill House

  • Poem | The Death of Reason

  • How The Left Uses Postmodernism to Win

  • What A Female Doctor Who Says About Our Culture

  • Morality Is the Goal

  • Kevin Cecchine's Videos

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