Why I’m Effectively a Nationalist (A New Vision for America’s Right-Wing)




If there’s anything to truly be taken away on a visceral level from the most recent round of Democratic debates, it is that those people will essentially be our future, should we fail to triumph over their attempts at destroying our nation. If Demographic trends and voting patterns go unchanged (and all other variables remain consistent), then the situation that we'll be potentially looking at in 15 to 20 years will be far more ominous than our contemporary one. In 15 to 20 years, it might not even be a question, that the one who walks away with the nomination on that stage will be guaranteed to become the next President of the United States. If nothing changes with regards to voting patterns and demographics, we are headed for that fate, though I believe there is much room for change and various workarounds. I might explicate that topic in another article, though I'd like to narrow my focus for this particular article.

There is a class of people that Republicans have been hemorrhaging for decades, and they are those who may consider themselves socially conservative or moderate, but economically centrists or even liberal. I’m mostly referring to those who would otherwise be voting for Republicans, save for their strict adherence to free-market ideology, which they perceive as callous and uncaring. What has the right gotten in exchange for their nearly absolute loyalty to private business owners and the free market? What they have received in exchange is those companies endlessly pandering to the left and promulgating liberal ideology and propaganda to the masses. Although, how can we fully blame these corporations in good conscience if they are merely responding to the incentives that we provided? They full well understand that in our political dichotomy, only one party is willing to use the power of the state to destroy private industries with unbearable regulation and legislation, and they aren’t known for using it sparingly against their enemies. They will endlessly pander to the left because they know that when the (ostensible) right is in power, there is no threat of being regulated out of existence for pushing left-wing talking points and/or aiding the left as an effective political operation. The left would not hesitate to crush their enemies using the power of the state apparatus, while we must fight them with our hands tied down by strict adherence to principles that our enemies refuse to be bound by.

Those on the right generally have an ideological opposition to state power (at least in our contemporary situation), and those on the left generally do not, though just as the left is willing to go after the very state apparatus that they worship (when they openly rhetorically attack the enforcement class), so must we be willing to use all options on the table and violate our ostensible principles. With the current level of asymmetry in this battle between right and left, we are guaranteed to lose by virtue of us refusing to pick up the necessary political weapon. The dichotomy between left and right goes much deeper than our perception of the role of the state. Although even if you do feel bound by Libertarian ideology, you must recognize that we are in a state of absolute and perpetual statist domination, wherein someone will control the state apparatus, it’s endemic to this political paradigm. Once "ancapistan" has been achieved and the full decentralization of power commences, the correct equilibrium between liberties and reasonable restrictions (in accordance with insurance company’s terms of service) can finally be achieved. Until that day comes, libertarianism is a moot point, perhaps we can use its sound conclusions as tools by which we can make the current paradigm conform to our preferences, but it ought not to be treated as an axiom that is relevant to the current discussion for anything other than preference.

If one truly understands Libertarianism, then they might understand that less government is not necessarily better, because reducing the amount of resources that the state puts into a particular project is not necessarily emulating what the market forces would dictate if we could achieve a completely private property based society. This is especially the case when the government maintains its monopoly control over the ability to conduct said project. Less government does not equal more philosophically libertarian, only a fully private property based society would change the paradigm because said privatized programs would be able to reach their correct market equilibriums. Until that day, we must guess to some degree, guided by intuition and tradition, in an effort to make the best out of the state that we have. Thus, the real and relevant dichotomy is between right and left, and not the false dichotomy is between authoritarian and libertarian, and to some degree even between free market and socialist.

I don’t agree with everything that Tucker Carlson says, but I do think that he’s doing a good job of breaking those of us on the right out of these false dichotomies that may have been perpetuated by the other side, in an effort to subdue us into a controlled opposition mindset. This controlled opposition mindset has infected the right in its entirety, rendering us unable to use the same weapons that our true rivals use against us, namely, the state. When Tucker Carlson complains about Libertarian ideology, he is simplifying all that I have explained above, and what he really means is the controlled opposition mindset.

I do agree that Austrian economics is valid, although we are not in such a vacuous situation as to blindly follow its edicts as if they were a moral code. We must consider political situations, and not pretend as if we live in a vacuous situation that doesn’t exist. For instance, I fully understand that any form of socialized medicine is objectively less efficient and worse for nearly everyone than allowing the free market to handle it, I fully understand this. However, it might be a net benefit when you consider politics, as well as the necessity for remedying artificial advantages carved out through corporatism. As much as us Austrian economics followers know that a spike in taxation for the wealthy has adverse effects on the economy, and unforeseen consequences, would it be worth absorbing these negative externalities for the sake of living in a nation that is not ruled by evil people who hate the foundations and cultural underpinnings of the country? Would it be worth giving up GDP points for the sake of defeating these satanic globalist Trotskyites that are attempting to subvert our traditions, and homogenize the world into a collection of superficially differentiated, degenerate, godless, androgynous, high time preference, immoral, consumerist slaves? Oh, but sorry the stock market had to wait a few weeks to hit its newest record. I am not ignorant to the fact that the stock market has ripple effects throughout the entire economy, but even if people have to save a little more for retirement as a result, we enter this fight with the knowledge that there will invariably be some price to pay for the soul of the nation.

There are two main groups that Republicans must win over in order to secure their ability to win future elections, they must increasingly garner the support of the white vote, while simultaneously gaining the support of the Hispanic vote. Whites because they are still slightly above 60% of the population, and Hispanics because they are an extremely fast-growing population within the United States, and are more closely divided politically than other major ethnic minorities. If birth rates continue on their current trajectories, Hispanics will become a vital competent in winning elections in the United States going into the future. Consolidating the white vote further from the low 50s to the upper 50s and low 60s (in terms of percent), will also be vital to the perpetuation and ultimate victory of the right in this country. People believe that these are mutually exclusive goals, though much evidence supports that this is not necessarily the case. Exploring this subject is, again, a topic for another article. Now is the time for preparing a new right-wing that is serious about taking on our rivals, and achieving victory by consolidating a brand new coalition.


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