Morality Is the Goal


Ancient Greek Structure


The relationship between the individual and state is something that often remains a constant pendulum swing between liberty and tyranny based on the circumstances of the age. The death of Socrates was quite a visceral and traumatic experience for Plato, naturally giving him a bias against the mob rule of pure democracy. This aversion to and lack of faith in democratic processes is well embodied in his book “The Republic”, where he describes his ideal state that has a ruling class of philosopher kings that are elevated to the top by scholarly merit, while the peasants at the bottom listen. This viewpoint represents a staunch aversion to populist uprisings and assumes that the institutions set up by the higher class of philosophers are incorruptible, which is a highly unrealistic proposition.

Both mob rule and aristocratic upper class rule (be it intellectual based or resource based) have an absurd amount of bias and self-interest to adhere to, rather than true virtue. Plato was biased by way of his personal experiences with the incompetent nature of pure mob rule, just as any man facing the corruption of the upper class may have a bias in favor of wealth redistribution. Aristotle’s examination of the world included more than just abstraction without confirmation through the senses, a more empirical and scientific approach to philosophy. Plato often let his emotion fueled confirmation bias lead him to beliefs that are not truly applicable to reality, but rather sound ideas in a utopian sense. Essentially The Republic was a manifesto of what the world “ought to be” without any logical path to this standard. Aristotle’s more refined examination of human interaction was rooted in human virtue and asserted that morality was the goal, rather than a hyper focus on central planning.

In order for society to function, we must teach people how to live virtuously in a way of self-governance, and all other order will spontaneously erupt through the confines of the objectively discovered morality. While empirically one can analyze this assertion and recognize that it would be foolish to expect the average person to live up to these standards, but thankfully that is not necessary. Those who are able to follow virtue and pursue true liberation of the soul through self-knowledge and objective morality, will do so and break the mold of tired established institutions. A merit-based form of populism will allow a truly virtuous and competent man to constantly rise to the top as a leader, through the filters of a very indirect democracy known as a republic, for the purposes of keeping the mob in check. Throughout humanity there has always been a bell curve of intelligence, and the father back the peak of the bell is, the easier it is for the few who are on the right side of the curve to take advantage of the mass populous, this is a phenomenon often observed in 3rd world nations that are under dictatorial rule.

These ideas have aided my formation in my core belief in objective morality, whether or not it is defined by a deity, or by universal social utility through evolution. It is known that virtue or commitment to objectively defined morals is the key to human satisfaction on earth. What is derived from this realization of objective morality is roughly reaffirmed in many religions especially in Christianity and Judaism in parables and commandments. Universally preferred behavior is what is naturally taken from objective morals, and gives us a code of ethics to follow. The first fundamental ethical practice is the idea of a non-aggression-principle, or NAP for short, which derives from Rothbardian literature on the ideas of ownership. If it is morally wrong to physically aggress against another individual, then it must be stated why this transgression is wrong, and the true answer to this question is that it is a violation of property rights. Self-ownership is the idea that everyone is born with a base level of property which is to own themselves, and anything they obtained based on the property rights outlined by Locke. The NAP asserts that any aggression against another human, that is not in self-defense is morally indefensible due to it being divorced from virtue.

Rothbardians are anarchists due to the fact that the state as an institution violates the rights of the individual by using taxation as a means of funding. Taxation must be theft of property because it does not meet the requirements of universal consent that a transaction must meet. Any form of coercion and taxation by the threat of force is an act of vice, and makes moral excuses for immoral acts, laying the shaky foundation for circumstance based moral relativism. Moral relativism is a plague on society because it is a promise that is able to be broken at any point, which defeats purpose of promises in that they are immune to changing circumstances. A government is defined as the monopoly on the use of force within a geographical area and has aided humanity in getting closer and closer to a truly humanitarian volunteerist society. The Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist believes that society will be shaped around localization, volunteerism, and free exchange of goods and services through the marketplace. However, they believe this utopian society free of institutionalized violence is something that must happen only once a society is to undergo massive amounts of moral enlightenment and it must be universally applied. If one were to remove the rug quickly from a society similar to that of modern America, Anarchy would truly meet its negative connotation. This must be the goal of thousands of years of progress, and can only be done through classical liberalism and localization.

As long as a state is to exist, we must strive to make that state as close to moral as possible, and use it as a vessel to bring us closer to liberty. An ideal society in the near future would involve that of a libertarian social order, which consists of free markets to drive innovation, and expand wealth, culture, science, agriculture, arts, and literature. Mostly-free markets provide this opportunity through subjective value austrian economics, to produce goods we could never conceive of before they are presented to us. It gives the individual the opportunity to win without the constraints of pre-established institutions which often bar change. An ideal modern state would respect the rights of the individual in order to maintain the precedent of the state as a servant rather than a just a ruler. The ideal modern state would deter crime that involved victims and would protect the occupants of that state from other states. Western civilization and Judeo-Christian culture have long been carrying on the ideals of classical modern secular liberalism. Secular liberalism does not impede one's ability to practice religion publicly, even as a public servant, but it does not persecute others for their beliefs. Countries that embody these beliefs have led the charge, for example England being the first country in the world to abolish slavery. These culture’s have been progressing humanity, and yet are often the most hated by modern moral relativists.

Culture and the family structure is the basis on which the West has progressed humanity forward in the last 200 years, and yet it is very much under attack as of late. Modern day conservatism contains much of the values of classical liberalism, but also the pragmatic way we must maintain it, through upholding the sovereignty of the nation state against those who wish to take power to the global scale. Power is best kept in check locally, and the greater the radius of control an institution has, the greater threat it poses to the ideals of liberty, and the more it is prone to corruption. Corruption due to power is a serious problem on the federal level but is on an apocalyptic scale if power is transferred to globalist organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations. A nationalist movement must organize in each country globally to stop the threat of world domination the globalist institutions pose, and we must return to more local control. Those on the right will inevitably band together to defend sovereignty because the alternative leaves the possibility for the failures of communism to be tried again on a global scale, just this time under the veil of social egalitarianism.

Globalism and moral relativism pose the greatest threat to those who love liberty because it replaces family values, with global adherence, virtue with virtue signaling, love with obedience, and Liberal secularism with raw communist Anti-Christian “secularism”, where the only religion allowed is Marxism. The true reason why modern day liberal atheists carry a negative view of Christianity is that it embodies the ideals of personal responsibility and moral objectivism. Modern day Liberal atheists understand that Christianity carries the torch of Western civilization's values, and because they view The West as evil and imperialist, christianity must be as well. They tend to harp on the misdeeds of the West while completely ignoring the current reality of other cultures lack of “progress” thus far, towards humanitarianism. The inherent contradiction in this doublethink is exactly what makes them relativists rather than objectivists. This is why even though I believe strongly in classical liberalism, the pragmatic way of bringing about true substantive change is through conservatism. I do not expect the average person to fully understand Austrian economics, but if we can use their cultural references to have them vote for good economic policies then we will. You can rally the masses behind a personality that represents the emotion that the people resonate with, and use that emotion to have them vote for good policies without them even understanding why. The true intellectual and humanitarian does not only have an ideology, but also a plan of pragmatism to actually enact the ideology. Once the world follows our example, only then can we begin to strike at the suffering of humanity.

Credit to Stefan Molyneux for the term "Universally Preferable Behaviour"

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