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In the modern west, it seems apparent to all those who objectively observe the situation that the left is always winning on all fronts, even when they appear to lose on paper. In this article, I will briefly (to the best of my abilities) examine why this is, but first I must provide the proper context in order to give you an idea of what I mean. Without getting into the minutia of every single known example (because there are likely thousands if not millions) of this phenomenon, I will provide some examples to hammer this concept in.

Some Examples

FDR instituted the majority of the modern social welfare state through his “New Deal” programs that have plagued the nation ever since. Soon thereafter, Eisenhower ran on a platform of dismantling those programs, and yet he never quite got around to doing so. This was in large part because of the fact that it is overwhelmingly unpopular to get rid of welfare programs after they have been implemented.

The failure of the American right to stand behind Barry Goldwater was yet another microcosm of the larger tendency to cave and capitulate. The Senator from Arizona ran against incumbent president Lyndon B. Johnson at the time and was abandoned by the Republican Establishment for fear of retaliation from the forces of the left for his “extremism in defense of virtue”, which needless to say is no vice. Barry Goldwater was crushed in that election thanks to the capitulation of those who are weak on the right, allowing those on the left to see blood and descend on our weakness like vultures.

One contemporary example of this would be in the 2017 Alabama Senate special election, when unverified allegations were lobbed against the anti-establishment Republican candidate Roy Moore. He won the Republican Primary against the GOP establishment’s favored candidate Luther Strange, and it was clear from then on that the controlled opposition wing of the party would do absolutely nothing in defense of that man against his rivals that he would surely be up against. He was vilified by nearly everyone on the right, even though it was perfectly within the Overton window of acceptability to defend him. In a deeply red state such as Alabama, Roy Moore went on to narrowly lose the general election, setting the precedent for further baseless accusations. This is because the left is almost entirely ends-oriented, and any means are justified in their faux moral crusade, which makes some suspect that means that necessitate such collateral damage eventually become an end unto themselves. Once they smell blood, they will continue to use the same tactic repeatedly until it stops continuing to work. We saw the same tactic employed in the Kavanaugh confirmation, but we will get to that momentarily.

I could go on, and on, and on in a list that I would likely never finish if I wished to be properly and consistently thorough, thus in the interest of time I will spare you the continuation of this recognition of shameful spineless capitulation and weakness. Some other notable instances are the occasional bone that Reagan would throw to them, and the majority of George Bush’s presidency, alright, I’ll stop.

Why Does This Happen?

The left is both entirely ends oriented and high time preference, the silver lining is that they are high time preference, leaving them more susceptible to mistakes, although their ends-focused orientation offers downside protection against said mistakes in the eyes of their constituents. They have no regard for the toll that must be taken in order to achieve their stated goals. Conveniently these goals are worthy enough to serve as justification for their often murderous tendencies.

Although it would seem as if all of the lost battles against the left are merely a result of spineless capitulation, this truly only encompasses but a sizable portion of them. The next major area of failure is primarily the result of being constantly outmaneuvered by the left, which perhaps yields the most frustration when we finally seize the rare opportunity to take our single step back against the thousands that they have made forward. Somehow we tend to allow them to continue to proverbially march forward at a pace that is almost equal to what it would be if it had gone undisturbed by us. They tend to make up for any lack of contemporary political power with an excess of rioting, violence, spitefulness, deception, and general enthusiasm through the mediums of their cultural and entrenched institutional power.

The Left are masters of the Overton window of acceptability, they understand where the wind is blowing with regards to public opinion. They are certainly helped by the fact that their often egalitarian and pro-welfare rhetoric grants them a considerable natural populist appeal relative to the right’s description of unpleasant realities. This natural disadvantage is not helped by the right’s constant willingness to capitulate to the left’s perpetual demands.

One way that the left effectively uses the Overton window is to paint a caricature of what a right winger seems like, that is 90% in alignment with the platonic ideal version, and 10% pure slander. They do this in an effort to scare those of us who are on the right with the paper tiger of their imminent wrath should we dare to ever violate their edicts. Through this methodology, they make us run away from our principles not only using the stick of their various isms, but also with the false carrot of social approval, little do these people know that they are merely delaying what they are making inevitable, and they are invariably eaten too, they merely buy the luxury of being eaten last. These misguided attempts by those individuals to save themselves from the forces of the left by the means of punching right are gifted only short term alleviation and treats for good behavior.

What The Right Truly Doesn’t Understand

They use their left-wing fanatics to stretch the boundaries further in their direction, most of the right make fools of themselves by laughing their antics off as tactical errors that will invariably result in their electoral demise, however, empirically this has simply not been the case. The left understands that those who find themselves in the centrist position across the political spectrum tend to move their position relative to the extremes on either end. They understand that a majority of the people fall within this category, making them a crucial element of their electoral strategy. If Antifa leftists are rioting in the streets and destroying property, the conventional wisdom among those on the right (who have let things get to this point in the first place, if I might add) is that this drives voters away from the Democratic Party. In practice, however, the opposite occurs and the Democratic Party candidates seem downright sensible as a result. They purposely have left wing fanatics who everyone hates in plane sight specifically because it provides the illusion that they themselves are comparatively less radical as a result. By shifting their end of the poll they necessarily drag those who are in the center to the left due to their propensity to attempt to maintain an equal distance from both the perceived “far left” and “far right”. If the definition of far left changes by the day, so too will the position that is of equal distance between the two, and it is constantly in the direction of the side that is less tolerant and more extreme. The left always maintained this cohesive coalition by making sure to never punch left at anyone who is to the left of themselves, as this would decidedly reduce to the efficacy of their plan. These are tactics that the right ought to keep in mind when attempting to understand the nature of the acquisition of political power within such a system as our own.

What Now?

My contention is that this is all an illusion, they are completely bluffing when they claim to have overwhelming wrath just waiting to be released, at least given their current power within the system. The truth is that their threats will be rendered meaningless if we are to all stand up to them collectively. The best contemporaneous example of this collective action against the forces of the left was the recent attempted character assassination of Tucker Carlson. The left attempted to take down Tucker Carlson, but Tucker understands the true nature of the left and thusly decided to not back down or apologize, and even was entirely honest about it with his audience in the midsts of the smear campaign. He understands that apologizing will get you nowhere with people who are coming in bad faith. Their aim is not redemption, but rather domination and control. If you wish to stop the left from destroying the United States then you must come to a full understanding of their methods and motives, please subscribe to us in some capacity for more updates.


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