Why The #FAKEREPUBLICANS Are So Dangerous


Susan Collins


A wolf in sheep's clothing is more dangerous than a wolf. One can see the uncloaked wolf ahead of time and develop a survival strategy around it. But what happens when the predator is in disguise, amongst the prey? Obviously nothing good. The same can be said for Republicans and Democrats. Conservatives are already aware of the danger the leftist Democrats pose, but that is not enough. Among the ranks of “Republicans,” we have many Democrats who betray everything the Republican party and its voters stand for on a regular basis. In an earlier article titled “The Obamacare Repeal Tightrope,” I explained the extraordinarily difficult situation President Trump and Conservatives are in, noting that the GOP is fractured and has a slim majority, especially in the Senate. The GOP is in an identity crisis, but I want to correct my previous statement on the GOP fracture. I was very generous to call this crisis a fracture, and It is less of a fracture and more of a betrayal. A betrayal of conservatism, small government, Capitalism and of Republicans who wanted substantive change. The GOP is falling apart at the seams and a civil war will erupt if there is no change in the course.

Usually, under an establishment Republican or Democratic President, a few moderates voting for more spending and big government policies wouldn't be anything too detrimental for the country, but not here, not now. President Trump has provided conservatives the first opportunity in almost a century to enact a real chance to roll back the victories of progressives. President Trump’s agenda relies on a successful repeal of Obamacare, and the entire future of the GOP hinges on this Senate repeal vote. If the bill is repealed, the GOP can move on to tax reform, which would create an economic boom not seen in decades. If tax reform goes through as intended, Trump's approval rating and political capital will be through the roof. If Trump utilizes his political capital properly, he can pressure the moderates to stay in line and push his agenda through Congress. If his agenda goes through Congress in time for the midterms, the Republicans could potentially pick up 10 senate seats in states that Trump won in 2016 but have Democratic senators, and expand the majority Republicans currently hold in the house. If the GOP increases their majority in the 2018 midterms, then Trump has a blank check to push any policy he wants. This puts him in a perfect position to win re-election in a landslide. Under further examination, a pattern becomes quite apparent. In order for each part of the plan to work, the preceding step is required. The Obamacare repeal is the prerequisite to this entire chain of events.

Given the immense importance of repealing Obamacare the correct way, this year, we cannot yield. There needs to be a full court press on the moderates, or else they will derail the GOP and any chance at a conservative victory. The “Republican” moderates have shown their true colors with their “sudden change of heart” in repealing Obamacare. Susan Collins and the rest of her wing of the party need to know this: The conservatives will not forgive, and most definitely will not forget.

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