What A Female Doctor Who Says About Our Culture


Doctor Who


The Doctor has always been played as by a male actor, due to the nature of his character being that of a male hero. Doctor Who has recently decided that after 54 years of this set tradition, a woman will now be the next incarnation of The Doctor, something that many fans have been dreading for quite some time. However, this would not come as a surprise to anyone who has been watching as of late, due to the fact that it has become increasingly more politicized.

It is comparable to how “daring” feminists may think making a female James Bond would be. Many Feminists and cultural Marxists have been indulging in their successfully hijacking a male role model for many young viewers because it makes them feel as though they have accomplished something of importance. Feminists have been touting this as a major victory in their war on tradition and established roles, whilst simultaneously complaining that the men should not be focused on the gender of the character at all. This doublethink is common amongst those on the left but is rarely ever addressed.

They claim to be neutral, however, seem to be extremely stimulated at the prospect of destroying beloved traditions. They often reconcile this inconsistency with the idea that the past must be made up for in a form of male reparations.

Many on the right have wondered for quite some time how we have gotten to this point of lunacy displayed by 3rd wave feminists. After constant waves of conservative pushback against progressivism, it has thus far prevailed, leaving many confused as to how this is possible. The problem with the right’s tactics falls in their failure to understand and adapt to the left’s tactics of incrementalism and narrative driving. Slowly over the course of many years, the left would take small victories here and there, that would either be largely ignored or recognized as the “reasonable reforms”, without the realization that these “reasonable reforms” would lay the foundation on which the current monstrosities we see today lie. If change is made slowly enough, the normalization effect will push conservatives further and further to the left as to not be seen as radicals. The problem with conservatism is that it is a naturally defensive position, always seeking to conserve tradition against change, making it a constant losing battle against the agents of change. This strategic failure is something the right is just beginning to understand, and until it is fully realized, cultural Marxism will prevail.

For example, any “conservative” would be against the idea of a program such as social security at its conception, and yet because the discussion has been pushed so far to the left, it is seen now as a “radical position” to want to even reduce the rate of spending increase of a program that accounted for 24% of the budget in 2014 or 845 Billion dollars. This irresponsible spending is considered “moderate” even when the national debt is currently hovering around 20 trillion dollars. Any person who objects to this fiscal irresponsibility is automatically written off a someone who just “wants poor people to die”.

The same goes for the clash between traditionalism and feminism, we have accepted that all other forms of feminism are automatically valid due to the same exact normalization effect. It is only more obvious and apparent now, and yet conservatives only wish to again cut the weed out rather than de-rooting the foundational problem. Women have been statistically become increasingly more depressed, and less fulfilled as the family unit is being replaced by divorce, infidelity, and forced gender neutrality (be it by government quotas, culture, or schools). The Suicide rate has tripled since the 1950’s for young adults. Leftists will be quick to dismiss these sharp increases in the rate of depression with their usual scapegoats “the corporations”, otherwise known as the the left’s avoid all responsibility card.

The problem is that conservatives never go after the root of the problem but all too often harp on the symptoms of the problem. The problems associated with 3rd wave feminism are only a natural consequence of the acceptability of mass promiscuity and the breakdown of the family unit.

In an effort to consider whether their point is valid or not, one must examine both sides fully to truly develop their argument. Either one of two narratives must be correct. One being that there is a massive conspiracy against women, where in corporations have collectively decided to stop the process of competition of labor to drive down women's wages at the expensive of their own profits (by forfeiting cheap labor), whilst simultaneously being the people with the most greed on the planet. While the other narrative is that corporations are driven by the incentive of profit, and will pay each individual a wage based on the utility they provide to the corporation.

To assert that the corporation is driving down wages, would be to assume that the wages they pay men are out of their kindness and discretion, however, this could not be further from the truth. Wages are set by the equilibrium between two conflicting interests. The worker wishes to gain as much revenue as possible, while the employer wishes to pay as little as possible for the cost of labor. The compromise of their two conflicting interests results in a wage, that is not flexible based on “discretion”. Progressives contradict themselves in believing that the same corporations they believe are greedy, would not just hire women if it were a form of cheaper labor. However, because of the existence of narratives, there is a reduced demand for consistency in argumentation.

They will even admit that this change in the gender of a long time beloved character is purely for the purposes of marking cultural victory over what they perceive to be the chains of the “patriarchy”. Regardless of the effect on the quality of the show, leftists will be happy to promote it. Meanwhile, many in the United States have wholly rejected cultural Marxism, and it showed in recent elections. In the search for consolation, the left has claimed victory over a children’s Television Show.

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