Exclusive Interview With Austin Petersen


Austin Petersen


In the 2016 Election, Missouri went for Donald Trump by 19 over points. The Missouri House delegation is comprised of 6 Republicans and 2 Democrats, Their Governor is a Republican and Roy Blunt, the Junior Senator, is a partisan who votes with Trump over 97% of the time. Despite Republican dominance in the state, there is a lone Democratic holdout, Senator Claire Mccaskill. Sen. Mccaskill is a rare fixture in a heavily Republican state, but her political survival makes sense. The state has become more and more Republican in every presidential election since 2008. In 2006, when Mccaskill was first elected, the Democrats did very well, flipping 9 senate seats. In 2012, Mccaskill’s opponent Todd Akin sank his own campaign with controversial comments about “Legitimate Rape”. Now Mccaskill is facing the battle of her life.

The state is reliably red and this is an off-year election, where Republicans have a natural edge. The Republican establishment believes the person to beat Mccaskill is the state Attorney General Josh Hawley. Josh Hawley however, is trailing Mccaskill in the polls, has avoided campaigning for the Primary or showing up for debates. Right on his trail is Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen, who has an extensive background in National Politics and an impressive list of endorsements. He is likely the only candidate with enough National Support and funding to have a serious chance to defeat Hawley in the primary.

I had the Privilege of Speaking with him this Friday about the campaign. Austin told me his plan to defeat the incumbent Senator was to unite Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, stating: “Not only can I get all the Republican votes 50%, but I can get all the Libertarian votes as well." He followed up by saying “I'm the only candidate who can get all the Republican votes, all of the Libertarian votes, that' 56% victory right there. But I will also get most of the Independents, and I will get a lot of the civil liberties voting Democrats as well." Petersen is a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment and said that he would support “Abolishing the National Firearms Act and the Hughes amendment” and wants to “Make America fully automatic again”.

My worry about insurgency campaigns has always been concerning the issue of viability. It is very difficult to defeat the GOP establishment, and it is even more difficult when you challenge some of the long-held beliefs of the voters. Austin assured me that he has a plan to win the primary and that the tide will begin to turn in the coming weeks. It looks as though Austin Petersen has a shot at riding anti-Establishment sentiment to take down Hawley, but only time will tell. To get a better understanding of the Senate race and Austin’s platform watch our full interview with him below.

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